Neater Feeder for Cats Bowl Product Review

Post Published on January 28, 2010 | Last Updated on July 8, 2021 by Jenny

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The folks over at Neater Feeder sent us one of their small Feeders for Cats.

In their marketing literature, they claim that the Feeder is:

  • Kick Proof
  • Spill Proof
  • Healthy
  • Comfortable

It is kick proof because it protects your floor from getting water and food all over it. It is spill proof because food stays on top and water drains below. The stainless steel bowls make it healthy with a pest-proof design and it’s comfortable because its contoured for your pet’s comfort.

If you are thinking about having a Feeder for your dog, they do have elevated leg extensions to be purchased separately to raise the height of the feeder.

How It Works

Neater Feeder How It Works

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Overall, we really liked the Feeder. You can see Charlie eating out of it for the first time:

We tested the Feeder with cat wet food, we did not have dry food on one side and water on the other as they do in the video. We chose to do wet food because one of the biggest issues with how our cats eat wet food is that they flick little pieces of food all over the floor around their dishes.

So we found that with the Feeder, the food is not all over the floor, but is rather contained within the actual container itself. This is advantageous, because rather than getting down on our hands and knees to clean the floor, we can simply pick up the Feeder and wash it out in the sink.

Neater Feeder Bits of Wet Food on Floor

Neater Feeder Bits of Wet Food on Floor

Neater Feeder Bits of Wet Food on Floor

One complaint we have with the feeder is that it was pretty difficult to get all the adhesive off when it first arrived. The stickers from the advertisements stuck on the bowls pretty badly, so much so that we had to soak the bowls to get the sticky residue off and had to use Goo Gone to get it off. It might be worth it for them to invesigate other ways of how to adhere those product labels to the bowls.

Neater Feeder Adhesive on Bowls

As far as function is concerned, the Neater Feeder is wonderful, but as far as style is concerned, we weren’t nuts about it.

Also, the bowls weren’t terribly deep, so a big can of cat food just barely fit because of the lack of depth of the bowls.

Other than that, we really think the Feeder is an excellent product. Its benefits far out weigh the negatives. We did find that it was a little more difficult for Trigg (a 5-month old Ragdoll kitten) to eat out of the Neater Feeder than Charlie, a 6-month old Ragdoll kitten.

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