Natural Flea Control for Cats Made Simple Book Review

Last Updated on July 8, 2021 by Jenny

Natural Flea Control for CatsI HATE FLEAS. HATE THEM.  My 19-year old cat, Rags, who died in March 2009 of CRF was never given flea control.  He never got fleas but yet went outside daily.  My two juvenile delinquents now have gone outside every day and have had fleas twice!

I’ve always wondered why that was so – certainly Charlie and Trigg have better immune systems than my dying 19-year old Rags, right?  Well, after reading Natural Flea Control for Cats by Liz Eastwood, the only difference I can think of is that Rags received B12 injections with his sub Q fluids every night.

That’s right, Liz says that the secret to flea control lies in vitamin B.  Who knew?  It’s a little more complicated than that and for a $1.99, it’s completely worth learning the simple steps.  For example, you cannot just go to a drug store, grab some vitamin B and give it to your cat.

Liz talks about Flea Treats as a very quick and simple solution.  These treats keep fleas (and ticks!) off your pets. They’re free of hormones and insecticides. They’re guaranteed. They’re safe, healthy treats, too! WHOA!  Where in the world have these been hiding?!  You can order them through the Flea Treats website or by phoning them in California 760.433.3888 or toll free: 1.888.FLEA TREat (888.353.2873).

I learned about Liz’s book after reading the book review Ingrid King over at the Conscious Cat did.

I loved Liz’s book and had so many “AH-Ha” moments while reading it!

I am sooo excited!  Liz has given me hope that we can prevent fleas and I won’t kill my cats in the process with the toxic chemicals that other flea preventatives ask you to put on your cats.

Here’s what else is inside:

  • Learn about a natural method that actually works
  • Get rid of and prevent fleas with clear, simple steps
  • Avoid natural flea products that are actually toxic to cats and hazardous to eyes and lungs
  • Save money you would have spent on chemical products
  • Flea control checklist
  • Problem solving
  • Natural flea control methods to avoid
  • Resource list

Do you remember Mitt?  He’s a Ragdoll cat owned by Ashley, a reader.  Mitt has crazy allergies – crazy allergies.  Someone even told Ashley that he was allergic to fleas and yet he had none.  I cannot help but think that the method that Liz suggests in her book would help Mitt and other kitties with weirdo allergies that dermatologists blame on insects!

Natural Flea Control for Cats is an ebook that sells for $1.99 on – if you’re an Prime Member, then you can download it for free.

Here’s a YouTube video of Charlie and Trigg devouring their Flea Treats – we have been on the Flea Treats for 1 month and so far no fleas – knock on wood.

IMPORTANT! If your kitties *already have fleas* be sure to follow the “Remove” technique (ie, flea comb, flea trap) at the same time as the Repel technique (eg, Flea Treats)…until the fleas are gone. Then you can default to the old Flea Treats as the preventative.

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5 thoughts on “Natural Flea Control for Cats Made Simple Book Review

  1. Suzy says:

    THANK YOU for this review, and I am heading over to Amazon to pick up this little booklet immediately!
    I just adopted a new kitty from the animal control facility (not my usual place to adopt, but I could not leave this little kitty that tugged at my heart) and brought home FLEAS!
    I’ve lived in my home for 15 years, have had four cats and two big fluffy dogs (all at one time!), and NEVER had fleas! I panicked!
    Of course, I want to do everything as naturally as possible, and the first thing I did once I got the new baby into the “quarantine room” was the flea comb test and she was covered with them! (Why didn’t I think to do this BEFORE I got her home???)

    I immediately spread pickling salt all over the carpet and upholstery in that room, ran to PetSmart (I usually dislike that store, but I was in a panic, like I said), and purchased flea shampoo for kitties and some “natural” flea treatment (which I’ve only used in the vacuum canister so far).
    I have shampooed her three times, vacuumed every day (every inch), dumped the vacuum canister in a plastic bag – outside!- and spread diamatacious earth all over everything (after every vacuuming).
    I took her for her vet check and found she has fleas (we knew that), at least four different types of intestinal worms, and ear mites! How she can be such a sweet kitty with all of this going on, I’ll never know!
    The vet said, “Your other cat has them now too.”
    I told her how careful I was being, how thorough, how vigilant… she said, “Is she on the other side of the house or the other side of a door.”
    “She’s got them, too.”
    She suggested the conventional treatment, and I asked if I could just try to do this on my own – naturally – until her spay appointment next week.
    She agreed.

    Then I came home and flea combed my other cat (the last of our six-animal group, as she was the youngest – she’s 14 now). What did I find? FLEA DIRT!!!!!!!!
    (What a nice way to say “flea poop,” right?)

    I am so exhausted and overwhelmed! I’ve only had the new kitty for a week and I was SO careful!
    I have been researching nonstop and found your site today and HOORAY that you took the time to write a post about it!
    I’m going to get that book, and fast!, and order Flea Treats just as soon as I click SUBMIT on my comment!

    Thank you SO much for sharing this info!!

  2. Kathy says:

    I will be getting the Flea Treats – My Tinkerbell has picked up some fleas and I have treated her 1 time with Assurity – it killed the fleas, but left a terrible mess on her head! I am ashamed to admit that last year I purchased an over-the-counter flea control product and it killed my 12 year old kitty Sundae! I have learned my lesson.

  3. Geo says:

    Brilliant! So great that she is offering an easy alternative to toxic/ terrible conventional flea treatments. Great information (again!) from Floppycats. ; )

    • Jenny says:

      YAY! I was bummed yesterday when no one commented on this blog post – I wrote it for a month basically adding to it – I was so pumped about this!! And still am!

  4. Liz says:

    Thanks so much for the kind review Jenny. Love your Blog. Just FYI the flea booklet is also available in print on amazon too.

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