Natural Cat Toys Gift Set by Moderncat Studio

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Natural Cat Toys Gift Set by Modern Cat StudioNearly all cats enjoy toys that are handmade and simple but have a special allure for them.

These kind of toys are a fantastic upgrade from the old-fashioned ball of twine that your kittens and cats love to play with. The rope entwined design is modern, simple, and durable. Cats of all ages and sizes will love playing with these since they are made out of all-natural materials that are the known favorite materials of cats such as sisal and jute rope. 

The Natural Cat Toy Gift Set has not only one but three of the most popular and wonderful cat toys by Moderncat Studio. The Jute Bomb, Jingle Jute Bomb, and the Sally Sisal Mouse are the great toys this gift set. You will notice that the textures of these 3 are different, and one even has a little bell attached to it. These toys are so cute and are made from the ideal kind of rope fiber for cats.

Why not share the Natural Cat Toys Gift Set and buy a few for your cat-loving relatives and friends?

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