Natural Animal Rechargeable Flea Collar

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Cats like to go out and explore, meet with their feline friends, or simply to enjoy the feeling of being outside most of the time, but at times simply must not let them out as you are afraid that your cat might get infested with fleas and ticks. It’s good for animals like cats to get the exercise that they need and breathe fresh air but they might bring in fleas and ticks to your house, and these may go on you and other family members, aside from these insects bothering your pet.

Natural Animal Rechargeable Flea CollarOne of the best and easiest cat products that people use to solve this kind of problem is to make their pets wear a flea and tick collar. The Natural Animal Rechargeable Flea Collar is has a unique safety feature that will can make it easier for the animal to escape if their collar accidentally gets caught in the bushes and during other similar situations. This is easier to use than purchasing flea and tick powder since all that has to be done is to cut out a strip long enough to fit, place it around their neck, and drop the Insect Shoo essential oils onto it.
The advantage of having your pet wear a Natural Animal Rechargeable Flea Collar is that when you add a drop or two of Insect Shoo oil, the protection is maximized, and the collar strip can be cut in accordance to the length you need.  Let your cat walk around freely, have cat climbers enjoy their adventures with worry of their collar getting snagged. Protected you pet the natural way by making them effective cat products such as this one.
Insect Shooo Active Ingredients:
Citronella Oil 15%
Lemongrass Oil 10%
Cedar Oil 10%
Rosemary Oil 5%
Sesame Oil 60%

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