My two Ragdolls

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I got Tulah when she was 2 years old from someone who couldn't keep her any longer. Her original name was Toolbox, but I could not call this beautiful girl by that name. She adapted well, but she is definitely my cat. She follows me around like a dog and if I don't come down to the computer soon enough, she yells at me. She likes to sit on my lap and watch the images on the screen. Her papers say she is a sealpoint mitted, but she seems more of a blue to me.

Murphy is my 12 year old sealpoint bicolor. He is very lovable, but small for a ragdoll. He has to have "lap" time every afternoon around 2:30 and of course always announces it's time for treats at 8:30p.m.

Kitty's Name: Tulah and Murphy
Name: Charlotte Short

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