My tick tock cat.

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Ragdoll CatMy family and Iwere looking for a new addition to our familiy. We had never had a family cat before but after doing our research we found that a Ragdoll would be a good choice. We looked at several cats online and found Merlin’s Hope Ragdoll Rescue. My husband, my daughter and I all went together. There were so many beautiful cats too look at. One had been with one owner his whole life, but when she passed away from old age he was placed in a kill shelter. Merlin’s Hope rescued him. We were introduced to Brody and we fell in love. Brody has a condition with his eyes that make them go back and forth a little, it seems that made him a little hard to adopt him out. But I found his little condition endearing, he reminds me of one of those 1950’s Cat Clocks where the eyes move back and forth. And that is how Brody got his nick name, "My Big Fat, Tick Tock Cat". Thank you Merlin’s Hope, I never thought I could love a cat this much. I’m so happy we found eachother. I’m sure Brody’s previous owner is looking down from Heaven smiling knowing her baby found his forever home.

Kitty’s Name: Brody
Name: Amy

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