My Sweetest Heart

Post Published on August 15, 2014 | Last Updated on May 23, 2015 by Jenny

My Sweetest Heart

I have had kitties my all my life and recently one of my kitties passed away. He was my sweet furbaby that I loved more than anything. My sister had always said that she believed my boy Sam was similar to a ragdoll kitty so when I was depressed about his passing I started looking at ragdolls on line. I found a kitty that was so cute I just had to get him. I have had him since he was 8 weeks old, he is now just over 4 months old his name is Saxton and I think he is the most lovable kitty. I believe my sweet boy Sam must have hit the “return” button when he arrived in heaven. Saxton is so lovable and so very cute and he is definitely a lapcat. He sleeps with me all night. I found this website and have been looking at all of the pictures and wanted to share a few pictures from when he was 8 weeks until now at just over 4 months because I know that everyone will see the same thing I do and will not be able to resist his lovable face, it does look like he is frowning but believe me he is a very happy, sweet boy! He is my sweetest heart!!

Kitty’s Name: Saxton
Name: Kayla Hicks
Where: Deer Park, Texas 77536

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