My Soul Mate Eve

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My little soul mate was named Eve. She came to us by accident. Back in early Spring of 1993, we would go over to my parents house to visit almost every week-end with our little boy. We would sit out in the backyard. One day these little kittens came to say hello to us and they would sit in the grass at our feet. One was a black and white short hair male, named Adam and his long haired Calico sister, named Eve. My husband, son & I became very attached to them. They were owned by the this caretaker couple from Italy who were attending to my mother's sick next door neighbor. They adopted these kittens from a local shelter. They let the kittens roam the neighborhood which my mother's neighbors did not like. In August 1993 my father went into the hospital to get his pacemaker changed. The procedure was too much for him and he passed away. When we came home from the hospital very early that morning, I went into the backyard to cry. Adam & Eve came running up to greet me. They crawled into my lap, nuzzled me and fell asleep. I had to find out if I could adopt these two little kittens from this Italian caretaker couple. During the same time period, the next door neighbor passed away too. I realized this couple would be leaving and would take the kittens with them because they would be leaving their job. I had to have Adam & Eve. I was able to get them and take them to our home. Adam was very outgoing and took to his new home right away. Eve was sweet and gentle, a bit more reserved and took a little longer for her to come around. However, once she felt secure she never left my side. She was the most beautiful cat I've every seen. Her markings were incredible. She was my shadow, my soul mate. She reacted to my every sound and mood. Wherever I was in the house she was next to me. We lost Adam to diabetes at age 15 yrs. Eve lasted a little longer. She become blind at about 12 yrs and later had bad constipation that eventually took her at almost 17 yrs. When we took to the vet to put her to sleep she still didn't want to leave me. She never took her eyes off me and fought the whole process. But she was so sick she couldn't even stand in her box to relieve herself. I still feel guilty having to let her go but she was so weak and sick. I still feel her presence around me all the time. There isn't a day that goes by that I don't think about her or call her name. I miss her so still! I was privileged to own Adam but especially own Eve.

Kitty's Name: Eve
Name: Iris Davidson
Where: Long Island, NY

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