My Siamese Mix – J.R.

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JR - Snowshoe or Ragdoll?Here is my Story on how I got my Ragoll J.R.

My Siamese A.J. just past away, at 12 yrs. I missed him so much, I went advertised for another Siamese. I went to the local pet shoppe and left my name and phone #.

They called me a week later, A.J. two weeks. They said they had a Siamese mix male cat, just came in. My mom and I went to look at him, as soon as I saw him I knew he was a Ragdoll.

The lady that had him had him given to her from a friend that went on a trip. Her boyfriend was allergic to him, so she took him to the pet shoppe, then I came along and adopted him. He was 6 mos. old, will be 6 yrs. old in Aug. I was petting him and playing with him and found fleas on him, so I gave him an organic flea bath and no fleas for 5 1/2 yrs. His name is from A.J., the J for A.J. and the R. for jr. I paid $79.00 for him b/c he was 6 mos. and they didn't realize what he was.

He loves to fetch, plays with my blk calico, likes to get upon my lap and love me. I'll email a couple of photos. He is worth every thing. He has the loudest purr of any of my cats, and very soothing.

I just love him, he loves yogurt, if I'm eating some yogurt, he comes and begs me for mine, even after I give him his.

So you think he is a Snowshoe? Well I saw a Ragamuffin that was marked just like him, he was a blue color, the bib, mitted paws, except for the white on his nose, the Ragamuffin had a solid color face.
He is begging me for his yogurt.

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What ever he is I love him and he has the Siamese and the blue eyes. He is the largest kitty i have ever had. He is large boned, weighs 20 lbs.

Izzy BHe is floppy and my blk calico, really flops , she flops down when she lays down, flops herself down on my lap, I've had her since kitten age, for her on a friends ranch. A real busy body. Her name is Izzy B. Short for Izzy Bizzy.

Ok, that would be ok for me. I purchased him as a Siamese mix,
I knew when I saw him he was more. He is so adorable, I love him to bits.

Kitty's Name: J.R.
Name: Janet

My Siamese Mix - J.R.

My Siamese Mix - J.R.

My Siamese Mix - J.R.

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