My Rags Has Been Gone 3 Years

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Rags (c) 2008 Elaina G Photography3 years ago today, I said goodbye to one of the great loves of my life.

It’s really difficult for me to believe that my gorgeous Rags has been gone for 3 years.  And I guess it’s hard to believe, because he still comes around – I know he’s there for those of you that believe in that sort of thing.  In fact, he visited a few nights ago when I was down in the dumps.

Rags is the reason for this website.  He will always be celebrated here.  I wrote this poem after he passed, Ode to Rags, and it explains the affect he had on my life.

Here’s a video of something I wouldn’t mind doing with him again!

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  1. Jenny-Sorry for your pain still over losing your beloved Rags, I’d hate to lose Milly like the way poor old Rags went. I’ve posted this on facebook Floppycats before, Rags will never be replaced or forgotten. Bless his sole and he’s in a better place now and in no pain and I do believe he visits you and in your dreams also. I better stop or I’ll start crying, lots of hugs and kisses from both Milly and I.

  2. I know how you feel. It was 2 years in January that I lost Mac. He and Rags do look so much alike. I know Mac is still with me also. There are times I can feel him jump on the bed. I think the seal point mitted have the best personalities.

  3. Such a beautiful boy…I know the pain of loss…and that it never goes away, but know that he is in a better place now…in no pain, and is waiting for you at the Rainbow Bridge.

  4. I forgot to add, I know Maddie visits me. I feel a kitty walking on the bed, but there is not kitty there. The first couple times I thought it was weird, but now I know she’s come to rest on my shoulder and purr. But I cry, because I miss her so much. My little garden buddy. 🙁

  5. He was such a beautiful boy and I am sure he is with you. It is nice to have the videos so that you can look back and remember. He is definitely at the bridge waiting patiently for you. Try not to cry or feel bad as he isn’t suffering but running chasing butterflies and playing with catnip like a kitten again. Sorry for your loss as we all have had that special pet that got us through tough times in our lives. I am so glad that you have this website so that others can share your happiness with Ragdolls. They are the best breed of cat… actually they are in a class by themselves. 🙂

  6. Hi Jenny –
    There are no words to express my sympathies. Missing the simple pleasure of a walk in the garden with a best friend is heartrendingly lonely. Thank you for sharing your walk with all of us. Even as an old man, Rags was magnificently beautiful. It is wonderful that you have videos to help you visit with him. I am sure he visits with you too – when he knows you need him.

    Rags ha left wonderful footprints behind him by inspiring you to create this website and wonderful community. Rags has touched all who visit here.

    Blessings to you in these days.

  7. Thank you for sharing your cute poem and sweet video, Jenny. My heart goes out to you missing your beautiful Rags. I miss my precious boys, Moosie and Gizmo, the same way. You have done something so wonderful creating this website in honor of Rags. Our kitties are always close by and it’s a comfort knowing we will see them again someday. Hugs and love to you…

  8. So sorry for your loss. I am so glad to be able to know him via the videos. What a sweet wonderful cat. I’ve only had Hawkeye for 3 months so far, and he has taken over my heart. He is there with you. Hugs…

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