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My great grandfather was a cat breeder. When he died recently at 97 years old I took his last litter of kittens. In it were two ragdoll cats. A boy and a girl. My grandmother, also a cat lover found a home for the kittens but I wanted to keep the male ragdoll for myself. He was special because he had a what looked like a mustache and white paws that looked like socks. He also has piercing blue eyes that just blew me away. Now, I am not only a cat person, I'm a gear head too, so I named him after a famous car engine. The Hemi. Hemi is now four years old and he fits in the family perfectly. I've had many cats prior to Hemi but none of them have been quite like him. He likes to roughhouse (sort of like a dog), drink from toilets, and beg for various food from the dinner table. Hemi has never been "talkative" either. He usually makes a squeeky-like noise instead. But believe me, when he wants attention, his meowing is loud. But Im not complaining. Another thing I hadn't seen a cat do before was how he crosses his arms while he sleeps. Its hard not to laugh when you see it!, but it must just be a ragdoll thing. 🙂

Kitty's Name: Hemi
Name: SB
Where: USA


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