My Ragdoll Sebastian

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Ragdoll CatSebastian came to be a part of my life when I adopted him in 2007. His previous owner had him advertised on a website for $25 including his automatic litter box, brush, and carrier. I contacted his previous owner and a week later brought him home. He was 6 years old at the time, had been living in the basement of his previous home because he was afraid of the dogs and children. He was skiddish in his new home but soon settled in. It took him even longer though to want me to pet him, he now is true to his breed of being loving and wanting to be around people. I first became interested in this breed after reading about them in a book. I thought they were gorgeous and the characteristics sounded great. I then discovered the breed in person when I attended a cat show, and they were more beautiful in person than in the books. Sebastian is 9 years old now, but still has lots of energy. He enjoys basking in the sun on his window perch, or sitting in the window watching what is going on in the world outside. Everyone once in awhile he will get a spurt of energy and will run and up down the stairs, or chase the laser pointer. When I first adopted Sebastian his name was Casper. I didn’t think that fit him at all. He is very regal looking, like a prince so I thought he needed a name to fit that. No cutesy names or cartoon characters, he needed something he could take pride in. So Sebastian was the name I chose, and it fits perfectly.

Kitty’s Name: Sebastian
Name: Melissa Davis

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