My Ragdoll Cats – Charlie, Rags and Trigg

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Often because I talk about so many Ragdoll cats on my blog (especially my mom’s cats, Caymus and Murphy), people are confused what cats are actually mine.  Truth be told, my very first Ragdoll was MINE – his name was Skittles, I got him when I was 8 years old as a gift for my birthday from my grandparents.  Unfortunately, Skittles died at 2 years of age from FIP.  My mom then got two kittens to “replace” Skittles and those cats were our family cats – Rags and Cosby.  Cosby died at 10 months old of FIP as well.  Rags lived to tell the tale.

Rags, was my family’s cat, who I got when I was 10 years old.  He lived until he was 19.5, so until I was 29 years old (I am now 31).  Since I had Rags for so long and because I was the most into him, I ended up claiming him as mine – although he was my family’s cat.  After he died, about 6 months later, I got Charlie and a month later, Trigg in 2009.

Trigg wanted to go on the mantel today – so I cleared it off and when Charlie saw that Trigg was on the mantel, he wanted to be on there too – so it gave me an idea for a post and a photo.

My Ragdoll Cats - Charlie, Rags (RIP) and Trigg
My Ragdoll Cats - Charlie, Rags (RIP) and Trigg

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    1. Thanks, Dawn. I got pretty excited about it when they cooperated! It’s not always, but usually they do. Charlie definitely understands his purpose as far as is concerned. I checked out your blog and love the title of it!

  1. What a great picture of your babies. I just love the large picture of Rags between the other two. It must look magnificent up close. That was a great opportunity for a family photo. 🙂

    1. Lisa, it was too cool how that photo of Rags worked out. My sister gave me a professional photo shoot with Raggies when he was 16 – this was right after he had gone through chemo…his whiskers were extra curly. Glad you like the Valentine’s giveaway – Ducky World who makes Yeowww! is my favorite catnip toy company.

      1. I would love to know what you feed your beautiful cats,my first ragdoll Sofie is a lynx kitted looks a lot like Trigg,I will be getting a second baby ragdoll tomorrow,from a ragdoll rescue center that suggest royal Kanin,very expensive. my Sofie was recommended dry kibble natures balance,however has such wet poops I have to wipe her backside,perplexed,thank you for so much entertainment.Charlene

      2. In this photo – they were eating dry and wet food. Charlie and Trigg are obese in this photo. Makes me feel bad sometimes to look at it! They are now on all wet and we are currently eating Weruva.

        These are the ones that I try to get my cats to eat:

        More about how she approaches it here:

        Have you read

        If you want to try canned foods by the can, then you can order through Only Natural Pet Store. I just ordered last week and was able to use promo code, “healthypets20” for 20% off my order.

        Oh and you will not have a “poopy butt” problem once she is off dry food – read this post to learn more:

      3. Thank you so much for your information,it help reassure me that what my 7mo. Kitty was eating was not working for his digestion,even though high end dry kibble.In one day of giving her my baby kitty’s food recommendations;Royal Canin wet food little dry,she not only loved the taste but I was happy not to wash or wipe the backside,thank you.More wet food at a higher price and nutritional value,worth it

      4. One more challenge,my beautiful Sofie is 7mo,my new kitten is 3mo,do I just keep the separation of rooms and gradual meetings supervised only;baby in carrier,tween cat seeing on her own terms?im at the hissing stage of older cat,can’t wait till they are friend

      5. Yes – they will get over it – Charlie and Trigg took about 3 weeks to stop the growling and hissing, but were completely exposed to one another after about 10 days.

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