My Ragdoll Cat

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Ragdoll KittenWhen my old cat passed away at 14 years old everyone was very sad. We decided to get a new cat as soon as possible, as he has been growing up we notice he may not be like all other cats. For example, when he tries to drink his water he sometimes sticks his paw in the bowl and licks it off of his paw. Also, he doesn’t like regular toys, Lucious loves it when we crumble up pieces of paper for him to play with, too him thats the best toy invented. Also, if he doesnt like how something looks, or doesnt want something, he moves his paw in a motion that looks like hes trying to bury the item. Ocasionally he likes to watch the neighbors cat out the window, and he hears her bark and he tries to immitate her. He makes a funny noise kind of like "Meh Meh Meh", we all think hes very goofy. Lucious is now a little over 1yr old, and he is a very happy AND healthy cat and loves just about everyone.

Kitty’s Name: Lucious

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