My Precious One – Sergio

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Floppy CatsUp to about 3 years ago I never heard of the Ragdoll breed. My friend Roxanne had just gotten her first Ragdoll and I just loved it. You see I had put my cat to sleep because he had some problems and attacked me and sent me to the doctors. I had lived with him this way for 10 years and it had esclated after my dog died from old age. I felt horrible and was terrified to get another cat due to the scare I had. But after a year and seeing Roxanne’s cat I was instantly in love. She informed me of the Ragdoll traits and said that they don’t jump. (yeah that was too good to be true LOL) I thought to myself, wow this is the cat for me. So I contacted Ken Staples at Kasseldolls Ragdoll Cattery in RI to purchase my first Ragdoll. He was wonderful and patient as I wasn’t familiar with the patterns, colors and whether I wanted a male or female. When he had a kitten available he gave me a call to visit and see if I wanted this adorable kitten. When I walked into his house I immediately had a kitten in between my two feet. Unbenounce to me that was the kitten he thought would be a great match. He was the mischief maker of the litter. Always the one in trouble. Actually the day he was spayed he disappeared for about 5 hours where they couldn’t find him anywhere. But then they saw the silk flowers moving in the vase on the table and low and behold a little head poped up and it was him. So I took him home and have had lots of fun with him. He is a show kitten in the household pet division in CFF and TICA. He has earned all of his titles within 8 months of showing and wound up being the 3rd Best Household Pet in CFF for this past show year. He loves to travel and walk in his stroller. His favorite toys are anything with feathers. I think he believes that he is the greatest bird hunter in the world… He loves to visit my friend Roxanne’s Ragdoll and play. It is just amazing that two cats that don’t live together can see each other every so many weeks and have fun playing and chasing each other around the house. I am so glad that I have Sergio in my life. He is the little entertainer. I actually had a birthday party for him…well for his humans. It was funny and the guests enjoyed themselves. I hope to get Sergio a brother or sister this year. So if you are looking for a gentle and loving cat, the Ragdoll breed is for you.

Kitty’s Name: Sergio
Name: Lisa Barsalona
Where: Massachusetts

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