My Mom Thinks I am Beautiful

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Blue Bicolor Ragdoll CatI got Louie in May 2002, after I was told that I shouldn’t have children due to my newly discovered Kidney Failure. I was devastated but wanted to have something of my own to shower with all the love I had. So I got Louie! He became my child. Shortly after getting him, he became very sick with crystals in his bladder/urine. So he had to go to the hospital for 2 weeks while he got better. Here he is now, at the age of 8 1/2 and loving life. He lives with Scotter, our tabby and Kelly, our newly adopted tabby. Louie loves to be held by me, not the rest of the family. And follows us around like a puppy. He loves to rub up against our feet. If your feet are out in front of him he will rub and rub and rub til his hearts content! I think he is the most beautiful cat I have ever seen! His eyes just melt my heart, which gets him extra treats!

Kitty’s Name: Luigi (aka Louie)
Name: Lisa
Where: newburgh, NY

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