I’m Shocked and Outraged by What My Mom and Step-Dad Did to My Cat

Recently, a cat owner, who we’ll call Stacy, posted about her rage and frustration with her family in an online forum. Despite being vocally against declawing her cat, her parents went behind her back and had the cat declawed while she was at work anyway.


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The mix of shock, disappointment, and deep concern for her feline companion overwhelmed her, leaving her with the daunting task of ensuring the cat’s recovery while also addressing the breach of trust within her family. This disheartening situation serves as a poignant reminder of the importance of open communication, respect for personal beliefs, and advocating for the well-being of our beloved pets.


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The betrayal of her parents left her heartbroken and shattered, as they disregarded her wishes and the well-being of their beloved pet. She confronted them with a mixture of anger and disappointment, hoping to make them understand the importance of respecting her decisions as a responsible pet owner.

Declawing is Amputating Toe Bones

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Declawing is perceived as removing a cat’s claws but also involves amputating all its toe bones. It’s the equivalent of cutting off a person’s fingers at the first knuckle.

Stacy only discovered this cruel betrayal when asked why her kitty’s paws were red. She is outraged because she didn’t consent to her cat being declawed, and she worries about the pain and discomfort Mimi will now suffer.

For Many Cat Owners, This Is a Step Too Far

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There was nearly unanimous agreement among commenters that declawing is cruel and unnecessary. In response, many cat owners insist they would go no-contact or even disown their parents for performing such a barbaric act on their cat behind their backs.

One person says, “This would be the point where I would seriously consider disowning my mother and stepdad.” Others say that it sounds like Stacy is a minor, so she can’t do that, and she’s better off investing in care for the cat and arranging things like cat insurance and cat sitters.

The Vet Should Know Better

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Most of the comments direct anger at the parents. Still, one individual points out that the vet is the one who performed the procedure despite being responsible for the care of animals.

They note that Stacy can start by finding a new vet for Mimi, as this one isn’t to be trusted. A second cat parent agrees, validating that it’s disgusting there are still vets who agree to remove a cat’s claws.

Declawed Cats Often Develop Behavioral Problems

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A fur baby mother claims that declawed cats are often dumped at shelters after being declawed because the procedure causes behavioral problems. Stacy clarifies that she won’t abandon her and will take good care of her.

Another pet owner affirms this happened to their cat due to the previous owners. Declawing increases the risk of long-term persistent pain and unwanted behaviors like aggression, biting, and urinating in inappropriate places.

Massage and Stretching Can Soothe Their Paws

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A sympathetic commenter offers this advice: what’s done is done, so you need to worry about helping your cat heal and feel more comfortable.

For example, they suggest caring for declawed cats by gently massaging and stretching their paws. Furthermore, they suggest informing the parents of what they have done to the cat so they understand why she is so upset.

Keep Declawed Cats Inside

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Numerous users express concern that the cat will be defenseless against predators without their claws if allowed outside. Mimi is no longer allowed outdoors.

Stacy replies she is trying to be cautious, but her stepdad is the one who isn’t careful and almost let the kitten out a week before.

Declawing Is Animal Cruelty

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Several agree that Stacy’s parents should be reported for animal cruelty since it’s illegal in most places.

However, Stacy explains it’s not due to be banned where she lives in Quebec for another 16 months. Declawing has been banned in 42 countries and two states in the U.S.

Declaw Your Parents and See How They Like It (Don’t Actually)

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Finally, a heated commenter snapped, “Declaw them and see how they like it!” Others in the forum add, “An excellent idea….fingernails and toenails!”

A third user corrects their statement, “Make it fingertips and toe tips,” reminding them that declawing is more than just removing the nails. Of course, all of these comments are in jest, hopefully.

Don’t declaw your parents or your cats, people! What would you do? Do you agree that Stacy has every right to be fuming?

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  1. Anonymous says:

    I would like to know what reason Stacy’s mother and stepfather gave for their decision to break her trust in them, and went ahead and had Mimi “declawed”. Was it perhaps that Mimi constantly scratched furniture etc.? I will never condone such cruel treatment of cats, and as a former cat-sitter, I even learned to put nail caps on a feisty one! Did Mimi have enough scratching posts/flat scratchers, and was she trained to use them? I’m a Gemini, and typically, I always try and see both sides of things, which is why I am curious as to the reasoning behind such a misguided decision as declawing. I do hope Stacy is able to help Mimi recover from this cruelty, and I also hope that those who perpetrated it can understand why it was such a very wrong decision, inasmuch as how it has affected not just a much-loved Mimi, but also the family relationships.

  2. Patti Johnson says:

    How dreadful! I agree that Stacy has every right to be furious. Such a betrayal of trust. 🙁 <3

    Big hugs & lots of love & purrs!

    Patti & Miss Pink Sugarbelle <3

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