My Miracle Floppy Kitty

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Miracle Floppy KittyI had always wanted a Ragdoll Cat once I watch Animal Plant show 101 Cats. At that time my husband and I had a very wonderful cat name Chelsea who would not have put up with any other cat in her home, as she was the queen. I knew I would have to wait for a long time before I would be getting a Ragdoll kitten.

We lost Chelsea when she was 14 to cancer. I was just heartbroken, I told my husband “I could not bring in another cat into Chelsea home”. Has time passed I began to miss being greeted at the door when I come home from work. So, began my adventure on getting a Ragdoll kitten. At last I found the sweet face seal point kitten. Then the fun began, what will her name this little one. My husband wanted to call her Chelsea, I did not. We end up naming her Kelsea. Then the day came we could go get our newest member of our family. What a joy that day was.

We had Kelsea for 4 weeks and she got real sick. We had to rush her Mass Vet Referral hospital in Woburn, Ma. Her red blood count was down to 13. The vet, Dr. Haber was very concern we might loss her. After 2 blood transfers she start to get better. How we had to find out why she got so sick. The vets at Mass Vet start talking about it could be FeLV. I told Dr. Haber there was no way that this little girl has FeLV, her test was negative when I brought her to my vet. Dr. Haber told me she thought it was in the bone marrow and if that the case the test would be negative as it not in the blood yet. Dr. Haber ask if they could do a bone marrow aspiration to confirm that it was or was not FeLV. The next day we got the bad news that it was FeLV. I don’t think I cry that much ever. Dr. Haber was not going to give her long to live as she was so young.

Well it been 7 mouths and Kelsea is over a year now. For a kitten that should not be alive now she going Great. She weights over 10 lbs and she full of piss and vinegar. Kelsea is one crazy kitty running all over the house flopping where she wants. She a true love bug when she and sit still long enough. Most of the time she off running from one end of the house to the other, looking out the window at the birds and chipmunks in the yard.

Dr. Haber calls her the miracle kitty and looks forward to seeing Kelsea each and every visit just to see how well she doing. I think Kelsea looks forward to seeing Dr. Haber as well. How many cats do you know just go into their cat carrier without a fight. My little Kelsea see me bring out the carrier and cannot wait to get in.

We don’t know what the future holds for this little girl, but we are taking it one day at a time with her and just loving her. She give unbelievable love back to us. There not a day go by she does not make me smile. I have learn FeLV is not always a death sentence. And with love and prayers all is possible even for our little fur babies.

Kitty’s Name: Kelsea
Name: Sharon Hubbard-Fazio
Where: Mass

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