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Ragdoll CatMy Libby is 1 of 4 kitties I have but she is so unique. I love her and she has my heart because she survived at only 3 weeks old. She is 7 yrs old now. She survived thru fleas, ringworm and not having use of her front legs and just having a hard beginning. After 3 days she had full use of all her body parts and she had to get special treatments to survive. Everyday is a blessing to have her and I am grateful that she lived for me to love and care for her everyday!

The funny things that she does is run into the bathroom after someone has a shower. She loves to get the drippings of the water off you. She loves to get wet and she will follow me into the bathroom off my bedroom so she can get her own little 3oz cup of water to drink. She has a little "nub" tail and when she is happy and is loving up on someone and she is friendly with everyone, she will wiggle it and "kneed" like shes massaging you. Shes is co adorable and I love her dearly. I am unable to upload a pic of her here, but she is ALL OVER my facebook page and is my main pic so if you want to look me up you can see all her pictures and my other furry kids as well as my daughter.

Kitty’s Name: Libby
Name: Christine Campbell
Where: Chiefland, Florida

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