My Fuzzical Therapist

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Seal Mitted Ragdoll CatIn a previous submission, I stated that my Chucklehead is an empath. Two weeks ago, she provided fresh proof of my belief. I severely burned my right hand, both arms, chest, belly, and legs in a kitchen accident. While I waited for the paramedics/EMTs, Charlie stationed herself beside me and would not move. The EMTs had to work around her (which they did without complaint). When I got home from the hospital later that day and went to bed, Charlie very gently took my heavily-bandaged right arm in her own arms, laid her head along my palm, and purred herself (and me) to sleep. Six hours later, she was still there and still purring. The burn center says I’m healing remarkably well, considering. I give all credit to my healer and fuzzical therapist.

Kitty’s Name: Charlie
Name: Coinneach Fitzpatrick
Where: Buckeye, AZ

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