My first Ragdoll Cat

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Well Bogart is my first Ragdoll, I also have a Maine Coon who is 9 yrs old now, we did have a himalayan Chloe who we had to send to cat heaven and Snoop seemed so lost that we decided to get a Ragdoll which I have always wanted, Bogart has been wonderful and I would love to get another but it took awhile for Snoop to get use to Bogart not knowing he was still grieving over the loss of our beloved Chloe but now we are a happy family, and I just love ragdolls, they are so smart and I always wanted a lap cat whicch he is!! He was born this past August and we have had him since October, I did a lot of research before we got Bogart and I knew this was the cat we wanted, the only thing that I do advise is to get to know your breeder, I had a bad expierence before we got Bogart and it taught me a very hard lesson. Anyway this is a picture of Bogart!!

Kitty's Name: Bogart
Name: Mary

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