My cats would love any of these products!

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Ragdoll cat with DSH kittenI have 3 cats-Ragdoll Louie, Scooter and Kelly tabbies PLUS I am a foster mommy to cats and kittens as needed. Currently fostering 5 wonderful playful kittens that desperatly need toys etc…. I foster but have little money to spend on treats for any of the cats in the house. Hubby has been out of work and I am disabled. All cats in this house would benefit greatly and get great use out of everything. I would share this prize with Precious Paws of Newburgh NY, they are always in PetSmart with wonderful kittys for adoption

Name: Lisa
City: Newburgh
State: New York
ShelterRescue: Precious Paws of Newburgh NY

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Thanks to all these manufacturers for making this happen!

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