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Seaba was a ragdoll/maincoon mix. He truly was my best friend. I had him for 17 wonderful years and then he came down with cancer. The day I thought I should have him put down he died in my arms with his baby blanket. I have another cat (texodo) Cylide that is my best friend also. I had Seaba cremated and when I went to the humane society to pick up his ashes I seen this pure breed Ragdoll that was surrender. Well my Cylide was very lonely so I thought we would give him a chance. Well they are best of friends now. He has been with us for 1-1/2 now. Well he became sick and didn't know what was wrong. He could not poop. Well it was magacolon. That was an expensive testing but he is all but worth it. So now he is on meds and doing very well. His name is Gabriel. When you talk about the purring I know just what you are saying they are very loud and I love it. So all in all I am very blessed to have two wonderful cats but sure do miss my Seabacat.

Kitty's Name: Seaba
Name: Lisa
Where: Jackson

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