My Beautiful Cat That Likes to Play Games

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Black Ragdoll CatMy Ragdoll cat is 2 yrs old he is all black with huge round eyes and he is also huge 15lbs. I was able to get him free from a lady in St. Louis, MO. She had advertised free ragdoll kittens and when I picked him up I knew he was vey sick, but I didn't care . I took him from her house to Mascoutah Animal Hospital and it cost about $300.00 for all testing and then medication, but he is worth every penny. The Vet told me that he was part Manx, Maine Coone & had some form of Asian in him. His personality is Ragdoll he does does act like a dog and when someone comes to our house he runs up and starts sniffing them like our dog does, but he doesn't bark,lol. He likes to stay to himself unless I play with him. He likes to play hide & seek and jumps out at me, grabs my leg gently and runs off going sideways with his back arched. Then I hide and he finds me and I jump out at him, sometimes he runs off real fast and then jumps out at me unexpectly and sometimes he just looks up at me (like are you kidding!) and waits for me to scratch his back near his puffy tail. His tail is about 3 inches long and feels like a piece of grissle, but it is a complete puff ball almost like a rabbits tail. "It's beautiful", and as long as you dont feel the mangled piece of grissle under the beautiful full puff of hair you would never no. His hair has a georgous shiny sheen to it. I must say he is the most Beautiful cat that I have ever seen and I would love to find the woman that gave him to me so I could hopefully get a sibling. I dont care that she didn't take care of this cat I just want another one just like him or it could be a her, it would not matter at all. He also likes to come and get me when something is wrong or he has been treated wrongly by someone. He walks right up to me and meows until I follow him and then he takes me to the problem. For instance, my husband shut the bedroom door so he couln't get in the room and downstairs he came sticking his neck out between the posts on the staircase. So, I followed him upstairs and asked my husband if he had shut Kitty out of the room and he laughed and said yes,how do you know. He couldn't believe the cat came down and was able to relay what had happened. I'm really close to my cat as you can tell, but my husband doesn't like to play games with Kitty. Kitty never likes to just walk in the bedroom he likes to pretend he is hiding on the steps and then makes a mad dash into the bedroom when he thinks your not looking. You can't miss him because he is so big and black and our carpet on the staircase is light grey, but he likes to play. My husband does not like to stand around like me, lol and pretend that he doesn't see this huge cat waiting to sneek in the bedroom. So, he shuts the door and Kitty comes down to tell on him, its hilarious. I'll stop now, for I could go on forever, but I will end this story by adding that cats are very intellegent animals. I joke only, by saying that dogs drool and cats rule. I'm not joking! Dogs may be man's best friend, but cats are my best friends. I hope you enjoyed my story as much as I enjoyed writing it

Kitty's Name: Kitty
Name: Barbara J. Cook
Where: Mascoutah, Il

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