My 13 Year Old’s Best Friend

Last Updated on September 19, 2010 by Jenny

Chives Ragdoll CatAfter having our other 9 month old kitty (not sure on breed) get hit in the road back in January, I sought out to find another cat. I’m not one who liked cats, actually, I am terrified of them. 5 days after losing our cat, Little Man, we come across Chives ♥ It was from a Ragdoll cat breeder who had a lot going on and had 2 kittens leftover that were 5 months old. No papers came with them but an awesome price did! My 13 year old (who suffers from high anxiety) fell in love again. He is the primary caretaker of Chives. I was amazed at how mellow Chives was. It gives a whole new meaning to”cat”. I’m not afraid of cats anymore. Chives has never hissed or drawn blood on anyone. He is the perfect family pet. I am in the process of getting another newborn kitty that is a purebred Ragdoll cat minus the papers. They should be born any day now and I hope they will be ready to go by ?? I just hope Chives will like a new playmate. I know my other 3 children would like to have a ‘cat” for them. My 13 year old is always holding chives and they are best buds.

Kitty’s Name: Chives
Name: Jane
Where: KY

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