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This about 2 cats, from a ‘Feral’ litter. A friend calls to tell me about 2 starving, kittens. A boy about 9-10yrs. was throwing them up in thee air, ‘twisting’ heir bodies in any shape, throwing them in front of cars on a busy st. Could I help?

I go over there, by now the boy has tired of ‘playing’ with them. They are hiding under a shed, I crawl in with the spiders, bugs & whatever. I see them in the coner, they ate chicken pieces, but would come closer. Then I hear a ‘Rattle’, have to crawl in more & fast! I crawl & GRAB 1 kitten, getting my friend to crawl closer, not telling him about the ‘Rattlesnake’. He grabs the kitten, the other one tryed to run. I GOT HIM, poor kitty & get out as fast as I can. One ‘Gray L.H. 1 blk. S.h.’ all bones. I take them strart to the Vet, ‘Gray’ one weighs .5, blk one .7, at 6-7 wks, no onces. Everything checked out except they would of starved to death, that day, or the next. The blk. oe wasn’t looking good the next day, put him in another carrier, that upset the ‘gray’ one, he wanted his brother. Took both to the Vet, got Meds, a few cans of special food & a ‘Good Luck’ from everyone.

Both put on weight, learned to play, learned the hand doesn’t hurt, how to run up the couches & a few drapes. Always stayed in the front of the house, never trying to dart out the door, only coming to my Husb & I, hiding from all kids even mine who are in their 20’s. They spend most of their tme in the Garage, but are very clane, no ‘dusty’ smell, they visit my Husb. & I when no one is around, looking for somone to ‘rub their bellys’. They are ver loving cats, ‘Sambo is braver then ‘Wimpy’, he comes to let us know, when ‘it’s time for wet food’.

I don’t know if I can post any kind of picture, my Computer is giving lots of trouble, looking for sales this ‘Laber Day’..I realy need a new one, a new ‘Tower’ at least. Hope you understand & will accept my storie. I want to post a ‘kinda’ sad story, or a rescue I did a few wks. ago, maybe this isn’t the right form, but whats wrong with people? I don’t even know if I have photos, from other sites, I ‘played’ around just to get my Computer to work for a few more wks, all ‘photos’ could of been erased.

I didn’t know about this site untill today, I’v been a ‘Rescurer’ over 35yrs. or all my life. I found one photo of me, as a ‘baby’ where I wasn’t holding a cat. I’ll check out your site more, such Beautiful cats, I can look all day at cats..besides the 5 sleeping on my bed, all rescues, some ‘were’ Feral’, have a ‘tipped’ ear, all indoor.

Kitty’s Name: Wimpy & Sambo
Name: Pegi Spencer
Where: Simi Valley,Ca

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