Ms Trinitys and Mr Tylers Ragdoll Rescue Story

Ms. Trinitys and Mr. Tylers Ragdoll Rescue Story

This is Ms Trinitys and Mr Tylers Ragdoll Rescue Story as told by their owner, Kim.

“We had no intentions of getting kittens so soon after loosing, our first cat that we got in April of 1990 and lost in April 2008. I added my name to petfinder and a ragdoll rescue site to let me know if ragdoll came available in our area. They are a relatively new breed (1960) and hard to find, I didn’t really think they’d send me a link anytime soon. I was also VERY specific in what I wanted. I wanted one to be a seal bi-color. I wanted kittens as young as I could find (hard to do with real ragdolls from breeders). I wanted siblings, one boy and one girl, and I needed them to not look at all like my girl we had so recently lost. I didn’t want a lynx or mitted because I didn’t want to feel like I was replacing our first baby, a DLH maine coon look. Call it destiny but my prayers were answered and so quick I had to find a petsitter to take that vacation I had booked after years of foregoing one because our last girl needing meds daily.

A link came in thru the ragdoll rescue site as possible ragdoll wannabe’s. I saw Tyler’s picture as a possible ragdoll mix, and wanted him and one of the 4 sisters but when I contacted the foster mom, for the shelter in N. Georgia she said he was already spoken for.

The petfinder listing from the humane society said the mom is a blue eyed white calico Turkish Van W. probably a Siamese dad, but the father was unknown (glad it was only a guess, I don’t care for the oriental cats looks personally). I don’t think the shelter had ever heard of a ragdoll. I’m will be continually grateful for the ragdoll rescue sight spotting them.

The next day the five kittens came across on petfinder so I contacted the foster mom for the shelter again to verify Tyler was taken. The shelter had one application in for him but we were next in line. The first applicant was turned down. We drove 2 hours and picked them up. I will say here not to let your heart get before your head. I took these 2 kittens that had my heart by the time we got home. I paid full price for them even though they hadn’t had any testing, vaccinations or been altered. I was told upon proof of altering that I’d get a small sum back. I took them to the vet the next day before I fell anymore in love with these two I wanted to know they were not sick. I couldn’t lose another cat so soon after loosing my 17 year old. The test came back negative but the vet appointments went on for some time.

A year and half later. I have two wonderful cats, with only slight health issues. The boy, Mr. Tyler looks and acts like a ragdoll. His sister, Ms. Trinity must be his half sister. She thin and not the floppy cat her brother is. Both have blue eyes. Both are sweat lap cats. I will always wonder what happened in the first 5 weeks of their life because both are still very scared of sounds and Ms. Trinity still ducks when you go to pet her head. I am lucky and I am blessed to have found these two wonderful cats that are a perfect fit to our family. I guess I will never real know if they are ragdolls as I don’t think DNA testing can tell me that yet but it doesn’t even matter. They are beautiful inside and out and I wouldn’t trade them for the world.”

Kim in WNC

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