Mr. Dibsy, Destroyer of TOYS!

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Diablo BlancoMy cat has a problem- he loves toys. He loves gnawing on them until the toy pops open and he can roll around in the catnip! He loved this catnip candy cane to death, as you can see.

Mr. Dibsy (short for Diablo Blanco) had his first birthday this month, but we were evacuated from our town at the time due to a wildfire. Sadly, this meant no silly hat, liver loaf cake or new toys!

This makes Mr. Dibsy very sad.
It probably also made the shelter kitties very sad, so I would really like to give them all something to celebrate. New toys for the shelter and Mr. Dibsy would be awesome.
Happy Birthday to Charlie too! Thank you!

Name: Becky
City: Los Alamos
State: NM
ShelterRescue: Los Alamos Animal Shelter

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