Mouse Refillable Catnip Toy

Post Published on May 20, 2010 | Last Updated on July 8, 2021 by Jenny

If you are wondering what sort of catnip toy to get your kitty, you might consider a mouse refillable catnip toy since the scent of the catnip will not last forever. If you buy a refillable toy, you can always fill with fresh catnip and your cat would love it. It will create an illusion of getting a new toy for the cat. Every time the scent goes down, you will fill it with new catnip.

Here are some mouse refillable catnip toys to choose from:

You might have some fun and create your own love bug catnip toy by buying the stuffed version, removing the stuffing and refilling it with catnip. Any stuffed animal is made from cotton fabric.  You can fill it with catnip and a decorative bell and bow will attract your kitty all the more. There is also a string made of elastic attached to it.

Trigg with Yeowww! Catnip Apple Toy
Trigg with Yeowww! Catnip Apple Toy

By attaching a string to your catnip toy, you can pull it along and make your kitty chase after it, your kitty will jump with joy and start playing with it. A catnip apple toy is made from high quality cotton and can withstand any amount of biting and scratching. The toy is stuffed with organically grown catnip and there is no harmful plastic or cotton stuffing inside.

As you bounce the catnip apple toy in front of your cat using a string, your kitty will love jumping and trying to catch it. The apple toy will be of the right size, for your cat to carry it along in its mouth but big enough so that it does not swallow it.

All catnip toys are made of soft material and do not have any sort of sharp objects attached to them that could cause injury or harm to the cat.  So it is a great choice if you have small children as well.

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