Mountain Cat Climbers

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Mountain Cat Climbers for Cats 18" L

If you haven’t got space for a gym, or even a climbing tree, then these ultra-modern Mountain Cat Climbers will be right up your street. These sturdy cat perches are designed to offer your cat the fun of a gym without taking up any floor space at all…in fact all you need is a bit of wall space. Each of the cat climbers attaches directly to the wall as a solid piece, and if they are installed correctly they will support a maximum of 50lbs.

The perches are made of solid, natural cypress wood and have manila rope around the edge to help your kitties judge their jumps. The straight perches are available in two sizes to cater for even the biggest cats, and there is also a corner perch available which is large enough for sleeping on. They are simple, made from all-natural products and they suit most decors without paints or stains.

This unique cat furniture encourages play, exercise and adventure, and for multi-cat households they allow each cat to naturally find its own space. Plus, and this is the real benefit, you no longer have to share your seat or bed with your furry feline friends.     

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