Moonshuttle Blackhole Litter Mat December 2014 Giveaway Winner Reports Back!

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Moonshuttle Blackhole Cat Litter MatMindy won the Moonshuttle Blackhole Litter Mat December 2014 Giveaway and was kind enough to report back about her winnings – with photos!  I have mentioned this before, but this kind of complete circle turn around is so important for manufacturers wanting to continue to donate product for giveaways and learning more about products from other readers!  Thank you, Mindy!

Mindy writes:

I am one of the lucky winners of the December Bonus Giveaway contest.  Thank you so much for the Moonshuttle Blackhole Litter Mat!

I am the happy owner of 5 cats- Seven, Yogi, Pixie, Zeva and Rags. As you can imagine, litter-related issues are very important in my house!

Moonshuttle Blackhole Litter Mat December 2014 Giveaway Winner Reports Back
I have multiple litter boxes set up around the house and litter tracking is always a huge problem.  I have tried just about every mat out there, and have never found one that really did the job.  

As soon as I received the mat, I quickly placed it in front of my most “popular” litterbox. Immediately, I was impressed. The Blackhole mat is definitely the best litter mat I have ever owned.

The Super Size Blackhole Litter Mat is large enough to adequately surround even a jumbo litterbox. To say that this litter mat decreases tracking is an understatement. It does a phenomenal job! I simply shake it out every day or so. The surface of the mat stays clean and litter free.

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I also love the fact that it is made of a non-toxic rubber material that is scratch-resistant.

It’s difficult to catch my kitties on camera actually using the mat, but I am including a photo of the litter mat, along with photos of at least a few of my cats.

Thank you again for this wonderful prize.  Now I cannot wait to order additional mats for the remaining boxes!

You can grab these on Amazon:

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  1. Absolutely LOVE this mat and it really does cut down on the tracking. Love that you can just put the litter right back in too. The only thing I would love to see is an even larger one because we have two boxes side by side and it is not big enough to cover the edges of both. I use my other soft vinyl ones that have the indentations inverted and those two together really keep the area very nice. Great review!

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