Mooii Igloo Pet Bed Review by MeLinda Hughes

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Mooii Igloo Pet Bed Review
Bastien in the Mooii Igloo Pet Bed

Finding the right bed for your cat, especially for Ragdoll cats as they can be so large, becomes a major task for serious cat owners. Fortunately for pet owners, pet product manufacturers have finally realized that cat owners want more than just the more common cuddle cat bed or catnip mat for our beloved furkids. We have a variety of beds here at Merlin’s Hope Ragdoll Rescue: hanging beds, large rectangular dog beds, cuddle beds, thermal cat beds, and now we have two Mooii hooded pet beds.

Around Christmas time at Ross, I found the first Mooii bed, called the Mooii Hooded Pet Bed, a circular brown polyester bed (looks almost like a microsuede) with a removable coordinating interior pad, and I expected the cats would sleep in it for a while and then ignore it like most of the beds I have bought for them. Instead, my cats were actually fighting over who would be the one to sleep in it. You can purchase this at a website called for $29.40, but the Mooii Hooded Pet Bed can also be purchased at QVC for $40.62 or on Amazon for $35.22.  The bed measures 17” x 14” x 18” and is the perfect size for larger cats.

Mooii Hooded Pet Bed
Mooii Hooded Pet Bed

Then, I found the Mooii Igloo Paw Print Bed at Ross for $19.99 in purple! The material is a nice felt-like material, and it also has the coordinating removable interior pad. It has a more igloo shape and it provides a better “nest” for the cats. The Igloo bed would be great for shy cats or cats seeking a place to hide. My cats seem to love snuggling in this bed. In fact, the cats in my house actually seem to prefer this hooded bed over the Hooded Pet Bed. This bed is 18 inches. I have not been able to find this the Igloo Paw Print Bed in purple online, but I have found the same bed for 39.99 in a gorgeous chocolate polyester (looks almost like microsuede) material at Petazone.  A brown version can be purchased at 13 for $25.99 plus $2.99 shipping.

Both beds are perfectly sized for the larger Ragdolls, though the Igloo style appears to be a bit smaller. My 18 pound Ragdoll Bastien fits, but he actually seems to prefer the larger Hooded Pet Bed. The Hooded Pet Bed does not retain its shape as well as the Igloo bed, but both beds are attractive and it is nice that they both come in an attractive neutral color. I like that the interior pads can be

Mooii - Igloo Pet Bed - Great For Dogs And Cats
Mooii – Igloo Pet Bed

pulled out and washed as needed, but actually both beds are completely washable. In fact, the included pad has a matching solid color side as well as a coordinating print on the other side. The Mooii Hooded Pet Bed has been through the wash multiple times and still retains its form, an important consideration in purchasing a bed that receives as much use as this one.

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One thought on “Mooii Igloo Pet Bed Review by MeLinda Hughes

  1. Jobi Harris says:

    That is adorable and the price is right. Trouble is, both my cats prefer sleeping on hard surfaces. I have tried beds, baskets with blankets, and everything else I can think of. They are a little strange and very opinionated.

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