Moody Pet Fling-ama-String Motorized Interactive Cat Toy

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Moody Pet Fling-ama-String Motorized Interactive Cat ToyDoes your cat enjoy stalking and pouncing? Does your cat go boners over a dangling piece of string?  Does your cat sit and play with the simplest of toys?  If the answer is yes to any of these questions, then the Moody Pet Fling-ama-String Motorized Interactive Cat Toy is what you need!

The Fling-ama-String Toy is a motorized cat toy designed to play on your cat’s natural instincts to bat and lunge. Feather cat toys can hold a cat’s attention for a little while, but all too often they lose their appeal far too quickly. Cat Climbing Trees and Lotus Cat Trees can offer a chance to climb and scratch, but do not do anything for a cat’s desire to stalk and pounce.

Fling-ama-String Toys hook over any standard doorknobs and the motorized toy dangles, flicks, and twirls a string in a tantalizing dance that will grab any cat’s attention.  Watch as your cat stalks and pounces again and again.

The simple design will keep even the laziest of cats coming back for more. This toy is a great easy to encourage exercise among lazy cats and interaction for the home that has multiple cats.

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