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Before I picked up my first ragdoll cat, I had spent 18 years of my life with a great feline companion. I found her in a car engine when I was in the seventh grade and,  due to my immaturity, she was named Gassy. She, like ragdolls, was longhaired, possessed a sweet disposition, and became limp when I picked her up. I had never known cats to be so affectionate before Gassy. I wish I could’ve been there during her final hours. But, while I was away finishing my last semester of my undergraduate degree, my mother threw my closest friend outside, a cat that had never been outdoors, because she left a hairball on her dining room table. I was told, months later, that Gassy lost her fur and disappeared in two weeks time. I can only assume that she hid somewhere to die in peace.

The relationship I shared with Gassy is what inspired me to find a cat with a similar disposition and ultimately to adopt a ragdoll. Because I had seen instances where a cat’s personality is unlike its mollymonth211jpgpersonality when the cat is initially adopted, I wanted some certainty that the cat I chose to be part of my family would be as affectionate or more affectionate than the day I adopted her.  So, I researched ways to observe cat behavior as all of my previous cats were strays that found me. Of course, the more I researched the more it became apparent that young shelter cats could not provide me with much certainty. I decided to take my search towards pure-bred cats. After reading about and seeing videos of Ragdolls, I knew that it was the breed for me.

mollymonth2jpgI found a breeder online and made a call inquiring about her next litter. The breeder is Aunt Bea of Siambalirags. After telling Aunt Bea that I was interested in a female cat, she sent me photos of two females in her most recent litter. Both kittens were blue bi-color. One was perfect to the Ragdoll breed standards. The other kitten, however, had a grey flame outlining her nose on the left side and a black spot on her nose.

Even though she wasn’t perfect to breed standards, due to the gray flame and the black spot on her nose, I had a strong, inexplicable feeling that she was the kitten I was going to pick. I asked about the differences in personality between the two females, and Aunt Bea confirmed that both were affectionate but the one with the gray flame was by far the most affectionate of the two. I sent my deposit on the gray flamed kitten and drove up two hours that weekend. To me, I thought it was more important to have a friend with a great disposition than a beautiful cat that might show little interest in me.

mollyredwallThe ragdoll with the gray flame was later named Molly. While I received criticism that she was too pretty to be given such a “common name” like Molly, I was drawn to the name for two reasons. First, I wanted to name her something that I could attribute to a friend, not the member of a royal family (i.e. Victoria, Alexandria, etc.) or something solely based upon cat stereotypes (i.e. Princess, Snowball, Fifi, etc.).  Second, I enjoy naming female cats with a name that ends with the “ee” sound. So, Molly was the name that stuck.

Molly is six months old now, and she is a great addition to our home. She rarely meows unless she is at the vet. Primarily, Molly is a cuddler. But, she also loves to watch TV and look outside the window. When I am asleep in the morning, Molly sits by my bed and waits for me to wake up even though food is already waiting A close up of a ragdoll kitten sleepily lying on a blanketin her bowl. Also, we are spending some time training her to come when she is called and to sit on command. As of now, the commands always work when she knows her favorite treat, freeze dried chicken, is nearby. Generally, she responds well to commands without treats too.

Her favorite toys are the GoCat Cat Catcher (the mouse version of Da Bird) or the Cat Charmer (a rainbow-patterned teaser toy). I recommend that cat owners try the GoCat mouse and ribbon-teaser because I found that Molly was scared of Da Bird, the most commonly used toy, unless I dragged it across the floor. At maximum, Da Bird and other toys could only retain her interest for 5 minutes. The ribbon-teasers and the Go Cat mouse toy can get a solid 15-20 minutes of stalking prey. Additionally, if you own or want to own a ragdoll, buy the Furminator for de-shedding. It will change your life.

molly_tableI love my ragdoll cat. I would recommend this breed to anyone that is looking for a good, gentle friend in a cat.

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Hi, I’m Jenny Dean, creator of Floppycats! Ever since my Aunt got the first Ragdoll cat in our family, I have loved the breed. Inspired by my childhood Ragdoll cat, Rags, I created Floppycats to connect, share and inspire other Ragdoll cat lovers around the world,

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  1. anne marie says:

    Sorry. . .I misspoke. . .the breeder has a seal bicolor baby girl, not a seal point. =^.^=

  2. anne marie says:

    This world may be getting smaller and smaller. . . I think I adopted Molly’s sister!!! The photo you posted of Molly as a kitten is the same one that Aunt Bea sent to me – along with another kity – and I chose the kitten with the pink nose! I named my little girl Irish Lace-and we call her Lacey. She was so gentle and so, so sweet! Lacey was born on 2/9/14 – was Molly? Lacey is so entertaininjg & funny!! We love Lacey so much – and my husband is more than thrilled because he does not suffer from allergies as he did with my wonderful Persian, Ceasar. (who sadly crossed the Rainbow Bridge in March) We have brokered with another breeder in Orlando for a little boy – we didn’t want to get another kitty too close in litter from Aunt Bea (even though I cannot say enough good things about her and her cattery!!) We are picking him up on the 15th – the breeder has another seal point little girl – ready to go home. Are you interested in another sister for Molly? Would love to hear from you about Molly! Have a blessed =^.^= floppycat day!! Anne Marie

  3. Patti Johnson says:

    I am so sorry for the way you lost your best friend, Gassy. That must have been so traumatizing for you and her. <3

    Molly is GORGEOUS! And, I adore her name and her sweet face! I lurve the gray flame near her nose and the little black spot on her nose. It's what makes her so beautifully unique and STUNNING!

    I am so glad that you found the perfect friend and companion to make a part of your family! She sounds like a wonderful girl! So happy for you and her!

    Thank you for sharing such a heartfelt and wonderful story with us!

    Big hugs!

    Patti & Pink Sugar 🙂 <3

  4. Awww- Molly! I just realized I’ve always named my female cats with names ending in the “y” sound, too- Emily and Chloe!
    I’m so glad you chose her despite her perfect imperfections (kudos to John Legend). Will definitely check out the GoCat mouse toy as Emily hasn’t been that thrilled with Da Bird either.
    Thanks for sharing Molly’s story!

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