Molly Face Cat Hideaway – The Ultimate Lounge For Pampered Kitties

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The Molly Face Cat Hideaway from CatsPlay’s online shop is perfectly designed for cats who always liked to be pampered. This cat hideaway is absolutely comfy enough for your feline that he/she will stay on this spot like forever!

Molly Face Cat Hideaway

Made with 4" solid untreated heart of pine core posts, this cat hideaway is designed perfectly with the finest materials available to provide your cat this the safest possible haven. In addition to that, a 6" zinc lag bolts is provided to secure anchoring with carpet strands not longer than 6".

To speed up the process of building your unit, you get to select a first and second choice for carpet colors (at CatsPlay online shop). You may also choose whether you would like the complimentary 2 ft. of sisal rope wound around one of the poles on your unit.
Ships fully assembled! No glue or harmful chemicals used on this tree. CatsPlay tagged this fashion looking Molly Face Cat Hideaway at $139.99.

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