Modern Cat Tree

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Modern Cat TreeBowsers Modern Cat Tree is a 5-story solid wood cat tower that can be stacked up and separated any way you want.

Each wooden box is covered in heavy weight natural cotton fabric that is perfect for the scratching needs of your seal mitted Ragdoll cat. 

The cubes can be mixed and matched with the other ones (without following the original order of the boxes).

Each cube is designed with holes that are either small or large, this feature allows your cat to exercise and tone its muscles for climbing.

Another way to gain precious bonding moments with cats is by playing hide and seek with them. Entertain your cats by dragging some of their favorite toys into the hole, this way you are not just playing but enhancing their hunting skills as well.

The full height of this cardboard cat scratcher when stacked up together can reach over 6 feet.

Designed in a hues color combination of bark, cloud, leaf, river and clay; you can buy Bowsers Modern Cat Tree for $288.95.

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