Modern Cat Tower of Boxes

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Modern Cat Tower of BoxesAs cat parents, we understand the importance of providing great exercise and lounging area for our cat is mentioned in every cats book. And one way to accomplish this is by getting the best cat tower for these cat climbers!

Bowsers Cat Tower is composed of a 5 story solid wood tower that can be stacked all the way up (which can reach a full height of 6 feet!) or separated any way you desire it to be! Made out of 100% woven fabrics, each wooden cube is covered with a heavy weight ribbed natural cotton fabric making it sturdy and durable for cat scratching and digging.

Bowsers products are pre-washed and color-safe for easy cat use and care. All five cubes are easy to clean by just using a clean damp cloth. This cat tower is available in Cool Hues color combination of Bark, Cloud, River, Leaf, and Clay – which can work perfectly as a cat scratching furniture in any room!

You can purchase this Modern Cat Tower of Boxes through for $288.95.

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