Modern Cat Tower Made of Boxes

Last Updated on August 20, 2021 by Jenny

If you are a cat owner (or not), you know that most pets – especially the cats – love to play with boxes. And don’t forget that they are natural cat climbers too!
Modern Cat Tower Made of Boxes
The Modern Cat Tower is a five (5)-story cat climbing house. It is made of 100% solid wood that can be easily stacked up at the same time get separated in any way you desire (which can be transformed as a toy storage).

Each box is covered in heavy weight ribbed natural cotton that is perfect and safe for your bicolor ragdoll‘s scratching purposes.

When all five cubes are stacked up, its full height reaches 74". For storage use, the bottom box will occupy 18" x 18" of your floor space. For cleaning, just wash it with a clean damp cloth.

You can buy Modern Cat Tower Made of Boxes through for $288.95. Available in a cool hues color combination of bark, cloud, river, leaf, and clay.

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