Modern Cat Tower: Cat Power Tower

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Cat Power Tower™The Cat Power Tower is a cat scratching post that is perfect for scratching and stretching. It is an all-in-one tower exceptionally designed for your cat that also offers play, hunt, and lounge.

The top platform serves as storage for cat toys while the middle platform acts as an outlet for feather cat toys that can keep your cat busy during playtime. On the other hand, the bottom platform was built to enhance and improve your cat’s hunting skills with its holes wherein you can hide a toy mouse or squeaky balls.

What’s more amazing about the Cat Power Tower is that it incorporates sisal carpeting. As we all know, sisal cat scratching posts are the best among the rest. Sisal carpeting drives off dirt and keeps your bicolor ragdoll allergy-free!

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You can purchase Cat Power Tower through for $399.95.

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