Modern Cat Designs Litter Box Hider in Brown

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If you and your dear feline are fans of the modern world/fashion, then you’ll love Modern Cat Designs for your cat furniture!
Litter Box Hider
Everyone knows that in every cats book, one of the mandatory things a cat parent should provide his kitty is a good litter box. Always remember that clumping litter is better than non-clumping.

Let’s say you’ve already purchased the clumping litter of your choice – excellent! – but what could be more amazing if you could transform your cat litter box into a home furniture?

Modern Cat Designs’ Litter Box Hider is a piece of home furniture that serves as a way to disguise the litter box. This 8" wide front opening litter box hider is constructed with a high pressure laminate finish purrfect in the event of any spills.

Every Modern Cat Designs items are easy to assemble and are made out of high quality materials. All metal parts of this furniture are chrome plated with a "C" logo in the front, which is the Modern Cat designs logo. Litter box hider fits any standard large sized litter pans and fits common pillow sizes too!

Be sure to clean the inside thoroughly and the outside every month or more often – because as it gets dirty with urine and feces, it can start smelling like a Johnny On The Spot to your cat and should cause litter box issues.

If your cat already has litter box issues, ditch a hooded enclosure for your litter boxes.

You can get this Litter Box Hider through for $249.95.

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