Modern Cat Designs Cat Bowl Tray

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Modern Cat Designs Cat Bowl Tray is a cat feeder tray made from ABS plastic that is very durable and safe for your cat’s use.

Modern Cat Designs Cat Bowl Tray

This cat bowl feeder incorporates two round shaped removable stainless steel bowls which features an outer rim that can catch any spilled food or water.

If you’re a meticulous cat parent, you will definitely benefit from this product. Its outer rim will protect your floor from getting wet and dirty, especially if your bicolor ragdoll, for an instance, is a very messy eater.

The bottom of the tray is designed with non-skid silicone to prevent from slipping or shifting. Get Modern Cat Designs Cat Bowl Tray for $58.99.

What other cat food bowls have you purchased for your cat? Which one of those have satisfied both you and your cat? We’d love to hear your answers in our forum or you may leave us a comment below.

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