ModaPet Cat Bowls July 2012 Giveaway – Evelyn’s Feedback

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Archer eating from the Teal Appeal ModaPet Bowl

Evelyn, who won the July 2012 Giveaway for the ModaPet cat bowls, sent me the following photos and feedback in an email the other day, so I wanted to share!

“I received the bowls last week and I LOVE them! The colors are so bright and cheery and the non slip base makes them perfect for the counter where the kitties have their dinner. The moment I took them out of the box Archer and Brendan were looking into them waiting for their dinner. Their bowls are now more stylish than my dinner plates! Thank you so much for the giveaway. I have attached a few pictures of the boys enjoying their new bowls. Archer is the blue bicolor and Brendan is the seal bicolor.”

Have you won a giveaway?  I would love to know how you liked the product and how your kitties liked the product.  It helps me know what to recommend!  Please feel free to contact me with photos and feedback!

Archer and Brenan

Archer and Brendan
Archer and Brendan

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