ModaPet Designer Cat Bowls Product Review

Last Updated on July 8, 2021 by Jenny

Charlie and the ModaPet Bowl
Charlie and the Teal Appeal ModaPet Bowl

ModaPet Designer Cat Bowls Product Review

Update May 19, 2015! We still have our ModaPet bowls and use them weekly – they have added new colors too!  Since this review, we received the hot pink one, called, “Some Like It Hot”.  They also make a light blue one.  You can check out all ModaPet Bowls here.

The bowls have held up really well – all the plastic is intact.  The only thing, as you will see in the review update video below is that the inside white portion gets stained from the canned cat food that is put in it.  But the sides and the rubbery bottom plastic have held up perfectly – just as they were the day they arrived….and they have been run through the dishwasher for years.

As you’ll see in the video below, I love the assortment of colors because it helps me remember which foods the cats like and eat.  I try to match the color of the can of the food with the color of the bowl.  That way I know which food they like – empty bowl = food they liked.

The only downside is that these bowls are plastic and therefore not great for felines prone to feline acne, like my Trigg.

Original Review posted June 21, 2011:

I originally saw the ModaPet Bowls on I HAVE CAT’s Facebook page and thought they were so good-looking, so I went to ModaPet’s website and then requested a product sample.

I was thrilled when they obliged.

They sent us their:

  • Lemon Zest (2 Cups / 473 ml)
  • Teal Appeal (2 Cups / 473 ml)

The bowls are made of ABS plastic which is BPA Free and is also a food grade plastic.

ModaPet Cat Food Bowls
ModaPet Cat Food Bowls

The bottom of the bowl looks like rubber, but it’s actually TPE is a soft plastic similar to rubber.  This sort of bottom helps with no tipping or slipping.

It’s important that the bottoms are also plastic because the TPE plastic can be over-molded to the ABS for a solid bond.  The over-mold is what makes their bowls dishwasher safe, if rubber were used then the base would need to be glued.  The glue would breakdown after a few dishwasher cycles and separate.

Trigg Eating From the ModaPet Lemon Zest Bowl
Trigg Eating From the ModaPet Lemon Zest Bowl

I love that they are dishwasher safe – I have run them through the dishwasher about 15 times now and have not had a problem – they still look like they did the day they arrived.

I also like that they are sorta cross between a plate and a bowl.  I have long heard that some cats don’t like eating out of a bowl because it tickles their whiskers, however, when I have tried to feed Charlie and Trigg from a plate, they get food all over the floor.  So this is a great happy medium.  I use these bowls every day now.  I love them.

ModaPet Designer Cat Bowls retail for $14.95.

Here is the video I took while product testing them.  I learned a lot about different plastics while doing this review:

Buy the ModaPet Designer Cat Bowls or $14.95.

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11 thoughts on “ModaPet Designer Cat Bowls Product Review

  1. Patti Johnson says:

    Appreciate the review update, Jenny. Excellent as usual. But for me, I try to stay away from as much plastic as I can when it comes to Miss Pink Sugarbelle (or my hubby and I) eating or drinking anything. Just a personal choice. But, I do agree that these bowls are very beautiful and coloroful. 🙂 <3

    Big hugs!

    Patti & Miss Pink Sugarbelle 🙂 <3

  2. Susan Marie says:

    These are my favorite bowls-a five star product. My two ragdolls were eating out of low stainless steel bowls on a plastic plate and food was constantly getting knocked out onto the floor. The design of these bowls is great because the angle of the curve in the bowl minimizes spillage. I will be ordering more of these.

    • Jenny | says:

      I’m in love with them. I am going to get some for my mom’s dogs too – they have stainless steel bowls that move around the floor while they’re eating – how annoying!

  3. Sharon says:

    Hi…is it okay if I subscribe to your email even though I don’t have ragdolls? I adopted two kitties 6 years ago from the North Shore Animal League. I would like to get your email because I really like your review of products. I ordered from Catty Stack because of your video.

    Thank you.

    • Jenny says:

      Sharon!! OF COURSE it’s ok!! Yes, that’s why the site is “Dedicated to Ragdoll Lovers…” – you don’t have to own a Ragdoll to be a part of the community. Feel free to join in and share your kitty’s story

  4. Melody says:

    This looks like another product to add to my list of future items for my future Raggies ^^ I also like the cross between a plate and a bowl! I am unable to watch the YouTube clip at the moment, my flash has been being a pain lately, but how well do the bowls work as a water dish?

    • Jenny says:

      charlie and trigg don’t have a water bowl anymore now that they are on wet food only – they have no interest in drinking water. so i didn’t really test it for that – but it would be fine because i do put added water in their bowls and it was fine. i think it would be better for water because it doesn’t tip or slip.

  5. ihavecat says:

    i just started using mine too – well the cats are 🙂
    So far so good! I like that you wait a while before posting to make sure the products really last and wear well. I’m learning to do that too!

    • Jenny says:

      How do you like them so far? I really love them. Yes, I had a manufacturer ask me yesterday when I expected to get a review up – as they didn’t want to send the product until 1 week before the review was up. I explained that I take my time, but you will get a review.

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