Ragdoll Rescue Maine – Ragdoll Rehoming Maine – Misty (Sky)

Last Updated on August 20, 2021 by Jenny

Multi colored, Ragdoll, long haired, larger cat.

Misty needs a home where she will be the only pet. We saved her from a local shelter within the last three weeks and she just does not want other animals around her. We have 2 Yorkies less than three pounds, and we can’t have a 9 lbs cat attacking them. We don’t want the dogs living in constant fear of being attacked. She is sweet 90% of the time. Follows you around. Loves attention. Petting on her head, back an tail are accepted but seems to not like petting on her side.

Age: 3-5 yrs (said to us by the vet)
Sex: Female
Location: Harmony, Maine
E-mail: [email protected]
Phone: 207-683-5185

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2 thoughts on “Ragdoll Rescue Maine – Ragdoll Rehoming Maine – Misty (Sky)

  1. Priscilla Torrey says:

    I’m looking for a fluffy female kitten under 3 months old. I’m at home all week working from home. So I have all day to love and hold a fur baby.

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