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Ragdoll catHi! This is my darling Misty. She’s 11 years old. She was born on April 1st, seemingly fit for her whacky personality. I got her for my birthday in 3rd grade. I had put a lot of research (for a third grader) into what kind of cat I wanted. After reading about how delightful their personality was supposed to be, my mother and I were sold. We went to a breeder in Wisconsin on the Fourth of July weekend to go pick her up. She was the only female in the litter. The breeder was honest and upfront about this cat; she has a kidney disease.

When we returned home, we took her to the vet like cat owners should. They estimated that she wouldn’t live past age four. They told us to give her IV drips to help flush out her system. We’ve been giving her treatments for 11 years and she’s still running around, looking for someone to play with.

Misty is a pampered little bugger. She sleeps in my room on my bed, often hogging the space. When she meows, or dare I say wails, she gets everyone’s attention – all the time. Because of her kidney issue, we feed her baby food. If any of you have to (or choose to) feed your cat baby food, we use the Chicken & Rice formula. It seems to please the finicky palate of my needy feline.

Like a true Ragdoll, she flops. She lies on her back all the time, feet up in the air. Often times I find her cuddling it up with our 3 year old, Nala. She has taken a liking to boxes, be they too small or too large. We have water heaters in our house and in the winter it becomes the hottest cat hang out. This blue-eyed, two toned nosed feline has caused quite a stir in my life and I look forward to coming home from college to visit her.

Kitty’s Name: Misty
Name: Jamie Guerrera
Where: Chicago, IL

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