Miracle Care QuickFinder® Cat Nail Clippers Product Review

Last Updated on July 8, 2021 by Jenny

Caymus with the Miracle Care Quick Finder Cat Nail Clippers
Caymus with the Miracle Care Quick Finder Cat Nail Clippers

We were mailed 2 cat grooming supplies by Miracle Care. Their De-Shedder and Quick Finder.  Up first are the Miracle Care Quick Finder Cat Nail Clippers.

The Miracle Care QuickFinder® Cat Nail Clippers are cat grooming nail clippers that have a 3-light system of red, green and yellow to let you know when you can cut the nail safely.

Yellow – indicates the product is on by blinking twice and also when you can “proceed with caution” as far as cutting is concerned.

Green – indicates it’s safe to cut

Red – indicates it’s not OK to cut

You can learn more about how it works here.

The reason I was attracted to this product is because I grew up with German Shepherds and (a Ragdoll) and I remember my mom always being worried about cutting the quick when she was trimming their nails – and sometimes she would cut it and their nails would bleed for a bit and my mom always felt bad.

With Ragdolls though, you can see the quick, so it’s easy not hit it…because Ragdolls have clear/white claws.

There are cats that do not have clear claws, as I learned on Floppycats’ Facebook, so I would definitely suggest this product to people that are scared about cutting the quick.

Of course, if you have a small dog and a cat, then this would be a great solution  for both of them – in other words, you could buy one product for both animals.

I think Miracle Care could improve this product for Blind people, by making an auditory sound that goes with the green and red lights.

I also wanted it to have lights on the bottom of it because sometimes, it worked better to clip them on the other side.

As far as the clippers themselves, they worked well and were comfortable to use.

You can buy Miracle Care Quick Finder Cat Nail Clippers on Amazon.com for $10.50.

If you know of where to find them for less – please be sure to post a comment and let us know where we can go.

If you have any questions that I have not answered – please ask in the comments section.

Here’s a quick video of my mom and I trying to demonstrate the product with her Caymus:

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4 thoughts on “Miracle Care QuickFinder® Cat Nail Clippers Product Review

  1. tony says:

    Do not buy this product. The vet was ale to clip the cat’s nails within five minutes. This products was not able to clip one. It seemed to make my cat very nervous, and quite wiggly. It might work for dogs who have darker and thicker nails, but not for cats with clearer, thinner nails

  2. Michelle says:

    Caymus is sure a good model! This product didn’t work as it is supposed to for me, even following the directions carefully, the light stayed red all the way to the tip never giving the ‘ok to cut’ signal. I found it awkward to hold and keep squeezing to activate the sensor. I can’t imagine how had it would be for other cat breeds who wouldn’t be as cooperative as a Ragdoll! I sent mine back very disappointed.

  3. Mika says:

    These look nice, but I think they would be much better with your suggestions. I purchased the JW Soft Nail Clipper after the review on here. I would like to try the Miracle Quick Finder though for my kitten that is the most wiggly one ever so I don’t have to worry about missing the mark while trimming his nails : )

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