Merlin’s Hope: Current Available Ragdoll Rescues

Last Updated on July 14, 2021 by Jenny

****All these kitties have been adopted**** Please visit Merlin’s Hope: A Ragdoll and Maine Coon Rescue for the most current available Ragdoll cats.

Merlin’s Hope: A Ragdoll and Maine Coon Rescue has the following Ragdoll cats available for rescue.



Annabelle is a lovely Seal Tortie Point Ragdoll who came into rescue because her owners decided she wouldn’t get along with their other cat (after two days). Since her dental, she has been doing really well and has put on the weight she lost because she wasn’t feeling well.



Asher is a fantastic purebred Lilac Male Ragdoll, 3 years old. He just came into rescue about three weeks ago from his breeder. He is quite the singer. He is such a lover-boy.



Aurora is a lovely purebred White Mitted Blue Ragdoll. Like Asher and Thomasina, she came from a local breeder who is having personal difficulties and had to give up her breeding program.



Braden is a fantastic Seal Bi-Color Ragdoll, a big boy. He came off the streets in Houston. Thank goodness we found him and got him here where he is safe.



Thea is a lovely Mitted Blue Lynx Point Ragdoll, about 1 year old. She and her brother

Sir Thomas Malory

Sir Thomas Malory came in from a rescue in New Mexico when her rescuer died unexpectedly. Both Thomas and she are very shy, but they are quite a lovely pair.

Thomasina is a purebred Ragdoll Blue Cream Tortie Point Ragdoll. She came in with her mother Aurora. She is fantastic, but she is very shy and is looking for a quiet home.

As you can see we have a lot of wonderful Ragdolls, all of them waiting for new homes.


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15 thoughts on “Merlin’s Hope: Current Available Ragdoll Rescues

  1. Linda Cesak 281-460-6046 Keller, Texas says:

    Hi Melinda,
    We adopted our Ragdoll from you 4 years ago and absolutely love her. Our son brought his cat over and Lola loved playing with her. So, we’ve decided she would do well with another Ragdoll cat. Do you think a male or female would be best? I see you have both and would like to inquire about them.
    Please let me know

  2. Ann Messmore says:

    I went to that website you listed to adopt Annie. They said she was fostered in Roundtop and would contact you.
    I don’t know what the next steps are?

  3. debbie ricketts says:

    Is Braden still available for adoption? I have 2 cats and one is a ragdoll 2 years old. I foster and would love to add another to our family.

  4. MeLinda Hughes says:

    We are actually taking a one year sabbatical (until Dec. 2013).. We do have Levi, a Blue Point Ragdoll boy, about 4 years old, very sweet. We also have several other Ragdolls listed for their owners.

    You can see all of our cats listed at Please come on over and let me help you find a kitty.


  5. MeLinda Hughes says:

    Yes, our adoption feeis $150-$200. All of our cats are spayed or neutered, FIV/FeLV tested, and fully vaccinated before they leave. About male/female, I can only give you my personal opinion, which is that it depends on the cats. My girls would prefer to be only cats; my boys (excluding two) love every cats, male or female. It just depends. There are numerous Ragdoll rescues around the country. Please let me know if I can help.

  6. Jean Steele says:

    If you buy a rescue ragdoll cat, are they cheaper? Do the rescue cats come spayed or neutered? If you would like to get two, is it better to have one of each sex or two of the same sex. We would never show the cats. We are just looking to love them. Thanks, Jean

  7. Jean Steele says:

    I am interested in ragdoll cats. My husband and I met a pair in Florida a few years ago and I fell in love. How hard are they to care for? How expensive are they? Do they require special care? Thanks, Jean Steele

    • Jenny says:

      Hi Jean,

      Glad to hear that you are interested in Ragdoll cats.

      Hopefully the following posts on my site will help you out.
      Ragdoll Cat Price
      Buying a Ragdoll Cat

      I do not believe they require additional special care like a Spynx would, for example, than a normal cat. Since they are long haired, you will need to brush/vacuum more.

      You might be interested in buying our Ragdoll Kitten Care Guide – it’s only $8 with coupon code “10OFF”

      Let me know what other questions you might have.


  8. Lain Ramsey says:

    Is Annabelle still needing a forever home ? If so could you tell me a little more … such as age , temperament and health.
    Thank you ,
    Lani Ramsey

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