Meow Town Sisal Scratch N’ Stow Scratching Cat Post

Post Published on January 10, 2013 | Last Updated on January 10, 2013 by Jenny

Meow Town Sisal Scratch N' Stow Scratching Cat Post, NaturalAre your cats scratching furniture? Do you notice that the edge of your sofa or chair is being torn from your cat's habit of scratching? This happens often with cats. They love to scratch and claw. If your cat doesn't have a place to scratch, then they will turn to your furniture to do this. This is a costly habit that many cats have. Have you used and been satisfied with a cardboard cat scratcher? Perhaps the product below will meet your needs.

To stop this problem from occurring, then you need to purchase a sisal cat scratching posts. A great sisal post to consider purchasing is the Meow Town Sisal Scratch N' Stow Scratching Cat Post. This scratching posts offers a sturdy scratching post that measures twelve inches in length and twelve inches in width. The post is made of sisal which attracts cats to scratching.

This will keep your cat entertained for hours and they will get in the habit of only scratching on the cat post. You can't keep your cat from scratching, but you can prevent your cat from scratching your furniture. Do this with the Meow Town products. You will see a difference in your cat and your furniture.


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