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Post Published on February 16, 2010 | Last Updated on February 16, 2010 by Jenny

Melia Luxury Pet Cat Bowl and Charlie

The kind folks over at Melia Luxury Pet Cat Bowls sent us some of their cat bowls to test out. This is our review of their product.

We received 5 designs of their cat bowls (pictured above are the Peeking Cat White Outline Cat, Cat Back, Cat Front, and Cat Face (2)) that are Made in the USA. They are all the same shape, so it is nice to have a variety. If your cats eat wet food or raw food, and you are constantly washing dishes, then these bowls are great, so that you can put two in the dishwasher and pull out the next two for the next meal.

Melia Luxury Pet makes personalized hand painted pet pottery. Their company name comes from Melia, an 85 Lb Black Labrador mix.
Melia products are made from scratch in their Atlanta studio. Melia specializes in the personalization of cat bowls.

A Melia artist (who also signs the back of the dish) paints your pet’s name, customizing your own bowl, with your pet’s name or special phrase – so if you are having an event or just a few friends over, Melia pet bowls could be a perfect party favor or giveaway at an auction.

Melia Luxury Pet Cat Bowl Backside

After the artist paints the bowl with the name or design of your choice, the bowl is fired again in the kiln to set permanently. Melia does not charge extra for personalization.

Overall, we really liked the Melia Pet Bowls. We really like the idea that they can be customized and that you could use them as a giveaway, or a present to a friend, etc. We have listed the pros and cons below:

Pros About Melia Pet Bowls:

  • Heavy Bowls – So there are no flying pet bowls
  • Sturdy Bowls – They are solidly made
  • Great Designs – Their designs are fun and if you don’t like one, then you can customize yours!

Cons About Melia Pet Bowls:

  • If you like to add water to a can of wet food, then the bowl ends up being a little too short – it would be great if they were slightly deeper.

Melia Luxury Pet Cat Bowl Empty

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This is Trigg, a Ragdoll kitten, eating out of the Melia Cat Bowls.

Charlie, a Ragdoll Kitten, Eating out of the Melia Luxury Pet Cat Bowl

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