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NikkiMay I present you my cat Nikki? I don’t know if she is a mixed ragdoll or a mixed Norwegian wood cat, but her character is this of a ragdoll for 100 %!

How did it get her? This was a really strange story! I had 2 old cats and one died, so the other one was very lonely and my friends knew that I used to have 2 or 3 cats, but never got a kitten with long fur. One of my friends, called Peter, is living in a house with garden, it was at the end of August and very hot, so he opened all his windows. A clever pregnant cat must have seen this, looked into his bed-room – oh there is a nice big bed! She suddenly decided to give birth to three kittens there. Peter came home and saw her and it brightened his heart! Three very very small kittens and a beautiful mom! He prepared a box for her with blankets and pillows and the cat decided to stay in his house. He asked me how to feed and keep a cat, I told him all what he had to know, but never thought of taking one of the kittens, but he knew that I was eager to get one out of these 3, a kitten with long fur, twisted 3-coloured fur! I said nothing, I knew that so many other friends wanted to have this kitten, but I also gave him the advice not to give a kitten to a very old person like his mom-in-law, who was just 80. I told him to keep the little ones for at least 10 weeks together with the mother, he did. Now my birthday on Oct. 10th came and he called me and asked me to come to his home, there would be a surprise for me. We went to him with my car, wondering what it could be. When you have read my lines here, you just would know what is was: this 3-coloured fur-ball !!! He elected me to be now the mom of this little girl, he said, I would be the insurance for a good life for this beautiful cat. You can immagine that I was happy! My husband and I went home totally happy, my husband warmed the baby in his hands, I prepared all what a little kitten needs and my husband went to bed – with the cat! He used to sleep now with the cat beside his face every day and I could hear him during the night caring for her, when she meowed, a couple in love! Until today she is daddy’s darling, they love each other deeply. I am the mom and butler, who has to care for the food, her litterbox, wash her cat-plate and play with her, when she wants to play she uses to bring me her favorite toy-mouse in Nikkiher mouth, after every meal she meows to me and I have to give her some brekkies from my hand, so cute. The cat, called Berenike, uses to sit for hours beside my husband in the evening watching TV together, he is grooming her and she enjoys to be near her dad. I have chosen a name from the old classical time, but she was not a real “Berenike”, childish and playful as she is, so we shortened the long name and called her Nikki.

When she was one year old, my second old cat died and Nikki was that sad, that she did not eat anything, but she was drinking water. I asked the vet what I should do and he told me to take a second cat again, this would help. I went to our local shelter and got home with a black cat, who has given birth to 3 kittens in the shelter. She was 1 and a half year old, but an adult cat, a “mom”. She suddenly recogneized Nikki as a baby and until today she is treating her like a young kitten, I think this happens because Nikki has still the voice of a kitten, so that the black cat is thinking she must be a baby! The black cat does not eat first, she is waiting until “her baby” has eaten!

In August 2013 she was 8 years old, but she still has the behaviour of a baby, she is very childish and playful and I think she never will become an adult cat. We love her! Our friend Peter kept her mom and this cat is still living in his house and garden.

On Youtube please search for my channel gigi101060 to see her, she is there seen (and heard) as a “speaking cat” (with German speech-bubbles)!

Kitty's Name: Nikki
Name: Gigi Kohlfürst
Where: Austria / Europe

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